Obagi Elastiderm Eye Treatment Cream Reviews

Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream:
If you’re like most of us, you will feel youthful than you look. You want your reflection to mirror what you feel. So now, youthful looking skin is finally possible.
ELASTIderm uses Obagi’s special Penetrating Therapeutics™, a highly effective patented technology that permits for better penetration of an active adviser across the skin barrier to encourage functional elasticity and long lasting strength of your skin.
Made up of a novel, bi-mineral complex that actually works to replenish elastin to help collagen and also provide skin functional elasticity, ELASTIderm was proven to be effective in enhancing the elasticity of photo aged skin and noticeably minimizing periorbital lines.

Clinical Results:
• 46% improvement in elasticity in 9 weeks
• 16% reducing of visible facial lines after 9 weeks
• A tremendous increase in elasticity was gained within just a couple weeks and elasticity continued to enhance over an eight-week period of time.

How It Works:
The ELASTIderm Eye Cream is a one-of-a-kind eye treatment which includes an innovative bi-mineral complex, copper zinc malonate. These kinds of effective, yet gentle components encourage the production of skin-cells as well as collagen to bring back the lift around your eyes.

Different Uses Of Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream:
• Reduces the effects of aging
• Helps in generating elastin and also collagen within the areas near the eyes
• Makes the skin look refresh and renewed
• No more droopy eyes
• Brings back lighter, brighter and youthful looking skin

Like any other skin-care product, Obagi Elastiderm Eye Cream should be used with precaution. It is advisable to go look for a recommendation from a skin specialist if it is safe to use this product and if does not cause some allergic reaction once being used.


  1. Can you please list some pros and cons of this product. I have used meaningful beauty in the past and i am not satisfied with it.Looking to try some more products.

  2. I have tried every cream for dark circle under my eyes and nothing worked until I found Eyelastin. I have been using this cream for over a month. It goes on smoothly, dries quickly and I have had no allergic reactions, even with my sensitive skin. The seller was great. Received the product sooner than expected. Will definitely buy again!