Healthy Eyes For Healthy Lives

Our world is full of beautiful sights, colorful landscapes, and breathtaking views. Ensuring that your eyes are healthy enough to continue taking in the sights only seems like the right thing to do.

Thankfully, eye care is simple and straightforward. We can all take small steps here and there to keep our gorgeous greens, baby blues, and benevolent browns healthy and functional.

Below are just a few easy care tips that are low-cost, easily accomplished, and easy to remember. Your eyes will look great, feel great, and work great when you’ve given them all the tools to battle degenerative eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

“What’s Up Doc?”
Be sure you get to say those fun words often. Regular checkups for your eyes will be at the top of any eye care list…even if you’re not noticing any problems. The quick and easy tests that eye doctors offer will keep you on the right track for clear vision. Also, be sure to talk to your doctor about some added tips for healthy eyes. Tell them about your work environment and home environment, and they’ll be sure to have some helpful tips customized for your lifestyle.

Eat Right
Nutrition plays a major part in eye care, and it doesn’t even need to get too fancy. Most likely, you’re already eating the leafy green vegetables, fish, and vitamin C-enriched foods that help your eyes fight off health issues. Furthermore, a balanced diet can do more for you than just protect your eyes. It can protect you from diabetes, as well, which can lead to cataracts and blindness. Talk to your doctor about setting up a delicious and nutritious diet that’s good for your eyes and your body.

Give It A Rest
Our eyes do a lot of work, probably more than we realize. Sitting in front of a computer or TV for long durations can make them work more than they’re supposed to. Take regular breaks, even if only for a few seconds, to allow your eyes to rejuvenate. Look away from digital screens, close your eyes for a few seconds, and then get back to work. Not only will your eyes feel refreshed, but so will your mind. Taking short, regular breaks can help your focus, both mentally and physically.

Look Cool
If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy that sweet pair of sunglasses you’ve always wanted, here’s a great one! Sunglasses not only look great but can also keep your eyes protected from UV rays and unwanted glare. Look for sunglasses offering polarized lenses and/or UV protection to keep your eyes out of harsh light that can be distracting and harmful. Your eyes won’t have to strain to see in brightly lit conditions, you’ll be taking more steps to warding off degenerative eye diseases, and you’ll be stylish the whole time!

Be Nerdy
This might seem like the polar opposite from my previous point, but the bottom line of having healthy eyes for years to come is still the same. Protective eyewear might not be the hippest look around but it can protect your eyes from physical injury. Sports are a great time for protective eyewear, especially when a small ball is involved such as hockey, lacrosse, and tennis. Protective eyewear is also a must when working in a shop. Flying pieces of wood and metal are bad news to even the healthiest eyes. You can eat all the carrots you want and see your eye doctor twice a year, but nothing will physically protect your eyes more than goggles.

Go To The Light
If you’ve picked up a nasty habit of working in the dark or reading in low-light conditions, get to a lamp right away! Straining your eyes in dark rooms can do more than giving your eyes a hard time, but it can lead to headaches, as well. Keep your eyes functioning properly by sitting next to a reading lamp at nighttime or a window during the day. Furthermore, sitting in a dark space will make you feel more tired! So get some lights turned on and let your eyes see all there is to see.

Eye care doesn’t have to be strenuous, time consuming, or even costly. Deciding to keep your eyes safe and healthy is a no-brainer and an easy feat. These tips are intended to be the basic groundwork for healthy eyes. Talk to your doctor about any extra tips that can assist your eyes to perform better and stay out of danger depending on your lifestyle and work environment. With the proper medical attention and the easy tips listed above, you can continue enjoying your great eyesight for years to come.

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The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

The benefits of breast reduction surgery are numerous. Having oversized breast can cause many difficulties and bodily issues. Large breast can cause poor posture, upper and lower back pain, breathing difficulties, and even skin breakouts. The benefits should seriously be considered when one is contemplating going through with breast reduction surgery. This article will take a closer look at some of the problems that can arise from having large and oversized breast.

Poor Posture and Back Pain

Large breast can cause poor posture, as the weight can weigh down your body to one side or forward. In order to keep balance, many women will lean forward or to one side instead of forcing themselves to remain in an upright position. This stance becomes habit and ultimately results in poor posture. Poor posture then can lead to both upper and lower back pain. Back pain can be a very debilitating issue and should be corrected with the appropriate treatment to alleviate the cause if and when possible.

Breathing and Skin Issues

Breathing problems arise when the weight from large breast places undue extra pressure on the ribs and chest. Again, poor posture caused by large breast is a factor in this case as well. If a woman leans or stoops forward due to the weight of their breasts can cause breathing difficulties to arising because there is extra pressure to the diaphragm. The ending result is a shortness of breath and the need to breathe heavily and fast.

Skin Breakouts can occur due to heavy skin to skin contact. When breast are large and not properly supported they can rest, rub, or sway back and forth across the skin causing irritation. Also the extra heat from underneath the breast and the skin to skin contact can result in heat rash.

Locating a Surgeon

Breast reduction and plastic surgery centers in Houston, Texas plentiful and highly sought after. There are several board certified plastic surgeons are highly skilled and eager to take on new patients. If you are ready to make that first step, you can easily research a center by typing in the keywords breast reduction Houston in your internet search engine. By searching for plastic surgeons in Houston and comparing their certifications, achievements, and awards, you can make a decision on the best plastic surgeon for your needs. Breast reduction testimonies can also help you decide which surgeon to choose. If you are experiencing any of the above issues start your search today, as breast reduction surgery can increase your overall quality of life.

During your consultation at Norris Plastic Surgery, Dr. Norris will evaluate your needs and determine the best way to minimize and eliminate what ails you. Dr. Norris will determine if you are or are not an ideal candidate for surgery during the consultation process.

Breast Augmentation And Surgery

Our modern-day breast augmentation was first introduced in 1963 when the silicone gel-filled implants were designed, these have been modified and changed over the years, but the basics are the same as they were years ago. Before 1963 the process was done using polyvinyl or silicone sponge materials or the other procedure was by injecting liquid silicone into the actual tissue.

Currently breast augmentation is accomplished using a silicone bag which is filled with salt water behind the breast tissue. Women who have ptotic breasts or drooping breasts happen when the nipple is lower than the fold under the breast. These women will usually be required to have a second operation to lift their nipple. These two procedures can both be down in one operation.

Many women find that one breast is always larger than the other, if this is the case they can use different size implants to ensure the perfect symmetry.

There are two main groups of demographics who desire breast augmentation, these are firstly young adults in their 20’s who grew up with small breasts and have always desired breast implants just to be those few cup sizes bigger and secondly women who have had 2 or 3 kids and are noticing the decrease in breast size and want to get back to how they used to be.

The Procedure

Once the patient has been sedated a local anaesthetic and a drug to minimize the bleeding will be injected into the surgical area, after this the plastic surgeon will make an incision in the fold under the breast. Some surgeons will make incisions in the armpit or belly button too, but it just depends on the surgeon’s preference.

By separating the tissue from the muscles a space or pocket is made, some will also elevate the muscle from the side of the chest so that the implant can be completely covered by muscle. Once the bleeding has been controlled the implant is placed in the space that has been made and is filled with saline solution. The cut is then closed up and a dressing is put on and a soft bra.

Recovery Period

Generally it takes between 5 and 7 days for the patient to recover from the procedure before they are able to return to work etc. It is better if there is not much hard, strenuous work done for at least 2 weeks as it takes time for the muscle to relax, it can take up to 3 months for the breast to take its final desired shape.

Sam spoke to a plastic surgeon to find out her experiences with reast augmentation procedures and everything involved.

How To Select The Best Beauty Product For You

You can forget buying the latest clothes, getting your nails done or having a pedicure. The only thing worth focusing on is your skin; the rest can look after themselves! Your skin is one of the first things we notice as we start to age because of the fact it loosens, sags, dries out, oils up, gets wrinkles, develops age spots and changes colour in patches throughout our lifetime not to mention the trauma of our teens with hormones causing it to break out which can leave long term scars. It is so important to look after our skin, not just on our faces but all over our body because as we get older we retain less of the vital vitamins we need to ensure healthy skin and balance.

There are a million and one things on your local drug store shelves, in magazines, even in the beauty aisle at the supermarket so it's little wonder we get confused about what is the right product for our particular skin. If you have sensitive skin or it has problems such as acne which need more specialist products and treatment it is better to go for more high end products which are designed to combat individual problems and have a higher concentration of vitamins, minerals and oils.

Try a facial first and see how your skin reacts to the products, get the facialist to write down the names of the products and see if you can get any samples so you can keep up the routine at home and check the products don't dry out your skin or bring you out in spots after a period of time. Low end products can sometimes be very drying especially if they are to combat oily zones or acne because of the acid they contain whilst some of the moisturisers are not rich enough to penetrate below the surface skin layer so it can feel like you constantly have to apply moisturiser. This isn't true for all products of course; some low end products are actually incredibly effective such as nappy rash cream for drying out individual spots or basic baby oil which locks in moisture better than many moisturisers. High end products can also wreak havoc on sensitive skin due to the perfumes and can be a waste of money if your skin doesn't seem to have any noticeable changes to it as the adverts indicate.

Get samples where possible and check the internet for reviews before buying anything expensive and ask friends for recommendations. If you find a product that works for you make sure you take a look at the ingredients so you can keep an eye out for similar products and pass them onto your siblings or children who may have similar skin to you.

How to Wax Your Legs Without Pain?

It is important to take care of yourself and pay attention to your appearance as that reflects your personality. As a result, make sure that you wax your legs every month.

Waxing is a great way to ensure that you have smooth and soft skin. It is a great alternative to shaving and is also comparatively less time-consuming. Unlike shaving that needs to be done a couple times a week, waxing every 4 to 6 weeks will give you the same result, if not better. If you want to save money, you can opt for waxing at home. Purchase a waxing kit from a local store or from an online shopping portal to get started.

Waxing Without Pain

The following tips will ensure that you get the best result, without feeling as much pain:

  • Exfoliate the skin of your legs some days prior to waxing your legs. You will be able to remove dead skin and also get rid of ingrown hair.

  • It will be easier for you to wax your legs if you allow the hair to grow to atleast ¼ inch in length. The results would not be very effective if you wax your legs before the hair grows to this length. This indicates that you would not have to shave for a couple of weeks.

  • Waxing is a painful process. As a result, it is best that you invest in numbing sprays that reduce the pain to a great extent. They are easily available at beauty supply stores. You can also use ice to numb the area. Wait for a few minutes to allow the skin to become numb, before you start waxing your legs.

  • Take a few deep breaths while you are waxing to ease the pain.

  • How You Can Wax Your Skin

    The following read will give you an idea about how you can wax your skin:

  • Clean your legs with the cleanser in the waxing kit. Let it dry and then apply talcum powder on the area that requires to be waxed.

  • If you have opted for hot wax, heat the wax according to the directions given on the package of the wax. Make sure that the wax is not too hot to prevent your skin from getting burnt.

  • Use the applicator that has been provided in the waxing kit to evenly apply the wax on your legs. Take care to apply it in the direction of hair growth.

  • Place the hair-removal strip on your leg in the direction of hair growth. Ensure that the strip sticks to the hair by rubbing your hand over the strip.

  • Hold one corner of the strip and pull it fast against the direction of hair growth.

  • Repeat the above process till the entire leg has been waxed.

  • Cleanse the skin and exfoliate it to remove the wax residue.

  • Apply the moisturizing lotion that has been provided with the waxing kit.

  • If you feel that the above process will be too time-consuming for you, you can opt for a waxing session at a salon. If you are a resident of Canada, there are many salons that offer waxing in Canada.

    How to Do Your Makeup Like Snooki

    Nicole Polizzi, more commonly know as Snooki lit up the screen on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Whether you loved her attitude, the funny things she said or her style, let’s just be honest. You loved her. Snooki always looked fabulous no matter what she wore and her makeup was always perfect as well. If you’ve been planning a night out for a while now and you want to look like Snooki, you may be wondering how you can replicate her makeup look. It’s actually really easy and you probably already have everything you will need. Let’s get started, shall we?

    What You Will Need

    In order for you to be able to look like Snooki and replicate her makeup, you will need to have a few things on hand. The first thing that you will need is some good foundation. Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Foundation is a great choice that will give you even coverage and give you that airbrushed and poreless look. You will want to use some liquid illuminator, such as Clinique Uplighting to brighten up your cheeks and you will want to have some bronzer as well. You can use any brand of bronzer that you want. Be sure you have some black eye shadow, black eye liner, mascara, fake eye lashes and either light pink or nude lipstick. If you have all of these things, you are ready to start doing your makeup. 

    Doing Your Makeup

    The first thing you will want to do is to apply the foundation to your face evenly. You can do so either with a sponge or a foundation brush. Once you’re done with applying the foundation, take your liquid illuminator and blend it onto your cheeks with a focus on the apples. You want to brighten the apples up and give them some definition. Let the liquid illuminator set on your face and then apply your bronzer. It is important to be sure the illuminator is dry so it does not cake your bronzer. Next, take your black eye shadow and apply it heavily to your entire eyelid. Wing it out to create a cat eyed look. Apply some mascara to your eyelashes and then apply glue to the fake eyelashes. Wait till it gets tacky and then apply the lashes to your upper eyelids. If any glue seeped out, you can easily cover it with the eyeliner. Finally, put on some lipstick and you will be ready to rock it just like Snooki. 

    Snooki’s makeup look is fairly easy to replicate and will be great if you are going for a night out on the town. This look doesn’t require much work and is something anyone can do. Give this look a try and see for yourself how you like it. You’ll be turning heads in the club! Good luck.

    Faced with the Dreaded Hairy Upper Lip

    As I have reached my early forties I have noticed I am beginning to get more stubborn hair. When I was younger I always used to shave my legs, but as time has gone on I have had to shave once a day to keep my legs smooth, and it’s always been a big pain. I have waxed a few times too but I hate having to leave my hair to grow beforehand so I always stuck to shaving If I wasn’t going on holiday. However, recently I began to find more facial hair and I hate it.

    Aging is One Thing, Becoming Hairier than My Husband is Another

    I like to look as good as possible, and while I embrace my fine lines and will allow myself to age the idea of having a hairy upper lip or cheeks seems horrific to me.  I have been bleaching my upper lip for about a decade but I hate putting chemicals on my skin, so I decided to look for an alternative.  Waxing my upper lip always resulted in a break out of spots for some reason so I turned to laser hair removal instead.

    I was a little nervous about going to see a professional about removing my hairs, but the thought of not having to shave, wax or bleach was enough to make me go and talk to someone. It was actually fine and they were obviously not bothered about looking at my slight double chin or cellulite on the back of my legs.  They were very respectful, friendly and even empathised with me.  I know this is a common problem but I found it made me feel less feminine and a bit insecure. Silly really considering it happens to everyone eventually.

    After My Lip I went for the Whole Hog

    In the end I decided to have my legs, bikini, upper lip and armpits done, focusing on one at a time. I decided to do my lip first as this was more visually noticeable by everyone I saw. It felt a little strange when I was being lasers, but it was really fast.  When I had my legs done it lasted for about an hour and I went for two treatments to get the results I wanted.  It’s strange because the hairs don’t vanish, they fall out over a couple of weeks and you are told to keep shaving in that time. Once they fell out though they didn’t come back and am so glad I decided to have it done.  Gone are the days when I worried about having a harrier lip than my husband!