Sunscreen Help from Solvaderm

You have heard the phrase ‘wear sunscreen’ countless times. From your parents telling you to apply at the pool or beach to your doctors telling you to protect your skin as you age, it is no surprise that wearing sunscreen every day is essential to healthy skin. The FDA and every skin care professional in the world recommends that you protect your skin from the effects of the sun each and every day, so we have compiled a list of tips that are important when it comes to sun protection1. If you aren’t sure which products to use to protect your face from the sun, be sure to check out Solvaderm’s line of skin care moisturizers that contain SPF for everyday use.

Avoid Sun Exposure during Peak Hours
You should avoid sun exposure during the sun’s peak hours which is 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun is at its strongest.

Choose Strong Enough Sunscreen 
You want to be sure to choose sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher but also keeps in mind that anything higher than 50 is not actually clinically proven to be any more effective.

Choose both UVA and UVB Protection
It is important to choose a sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. Both are harmful to your skin and while UVA rays are less intense they can penetrate clouds, so sunscreen even on cloudy days is important. UVB rays can cause reddening and burns and both can lead to skin cancer, so it’s important to choose a well-rounded sunscreen.

Protect Children
Be sure to choose the right sunscreen for your family depending on age. Infants and small children should not be exposed to certain ingredients and require sunscreen that has been specifically developed for babies and young skin.

Wear the Right Gear
Wearing certain items can help protect your skin from the sun. The use of hats, sunglasses and certain clothing can add an extra layer of sun protection.

Properly Apply Sunscreen
Sunscreen is incorrectly applied all the time.  It should be applied at least 15 minutes before exposure to the sun and also should bere-applied at least every two hours or so. If you are swimming or sweating, you should reapply more often as the sunscreen will wear off in water and sweat.

Getting a little bit of sun every once in a while is important as it helps the body produce Vitamin D which is critical to strong bones and can help you feel better overall however too much sun exposure is not a good thing, so you want to make sure to protect yourself by choosing the right sunscreen for your skin. Solvaderm has a complete line of products designed to protect the skin on your face from the harmful effects of the sun. Dermaxsol is a daily moisturizing cream that contains a broad spectrum SFP of 30 to help protect your skin from the sun while also keeping it looking its best. Be sure to visit their site to learn more about sun protection and Solvaderm.


Keep Skin Firm with Solvaderm

You may have heard a saying like this before but preventing is easier than treating. This couldn’t be truer for the prevention of sagging skin. As we all age our skin loses its firmness, but there are things that we can do to prevent saggy skin especially as many times it happens prematurely. It’s not as easy to treat so why not prevent? Solvaderm has a complete line of products that will help your skin remain firm and looking young and fresh.

You need a few basic things as you try and prevent your skin from losing its firmness and supple texture. The first would be in preventing the loss of collagen production. Free radicals and anything that is skin damage like sun exposure can hinder the production of collagen which is essential in keeping everything firm and tight.

What Can You Do?
Do not smoke – smoking destroys collagen and elastin, the two most important factors in firm skin. Not to mention it destroys your overall health.

Antioxidants are everything – antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals in our environment so try and find products that contain antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E.0020

Wear sunscreen – you have definitely heard this one before and you will a million times over. The sun can be the skin’s worst nightmare and you really should avoid prolonged exposure and wear sunscreen every day.

Moisturize – moisturizers can also protect against the damage of free radicals so choosing the right moisturizer is important. Moist skin is critical as dehydration can lead to the skin suffering from many conditions and not being able to protect itself.

Eating well and getting sleep – these two go hand in hand. Getting enough sleep and eating the right foods is essential to good health so of course it is also essential to healthy skin. Studies are now showing that sugar can lead to premature aging so avoiding excess sugar in your diet could potentially not only help your waist, but also help your skin!

Now that you know what you can do to prevent, you may be asking what you can do to treat. There are many options available to help treat sagging skin that are noninvasive. Choosing products that contain antioxidants is the first step. Antioxidants like vitamins C, E, B5, B3, and A are essential in not only fighting premature skin sagging but in also helping to restore the skin’s firmness. Ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid are also fantastic antioxidants that can help the skin retain its moisture and firmness. Solvaderm’s ACE – Ferfulic is an award winning product that will not only help prevent aging but also help reverse the hands of time1.

Solvaderm has a complete line of prevention products that contain everything you need to keep skin looking and feeling it’s best. Choosing the right daily habits is the first step in preventing your skin from aging. Selecting the right products for your skin care routine comes in at a very close second.