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Collagenix: Is This A Scam Or Legit?

Collagenix Overview

Collagenix is an anti-aging skin product that calls itself as "the world's greatest wrinkle cream." It is a pricey wrinkle cream that promises to smoothen out wrinkles and tighten the skin within just 90 minutes after application. It also works to diminish dark circles and eye bags, as well as reduce puffiness on the eye area. Overall, it smoothens and conditions the skin to give it that healthy, radiant look.

Collagenix is manufactured by an Ireland-based company called Hydroxatone International. At present the product available to Australia and New Zealand residents only. The manufacturers offer a risk-free trial, but not for free. It comes with a hefty price tag of $69.95 paid on a monthly basis, in addition to the shipping free which costs $1.99.

How Collagenix Works?

Collagenix, despite its expensive price, does not contain any special ingredients. It consists of substances commonly seen in most skin care creams. Among its main ingredients is Matrixyl 3000+, delivered deep beneath the skin through a technology called Qusome system. Qusome delivery system utilizes a wheat protein molecule to break through the skin barrier and deliver active ingredients deep into the skin where they are needed the most.

Collagenix Ingredients

The product doesn't seem to have an official website that provides more information about it, especially its ingredients. According to various sources, however, Collagenix may contain:
  • Matrixyl 3000+ - A peptide formula that has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by keeping the skin hydrated all day.
  • Sunscreen ingredients - Protects the skin against the harmful effects of UV rays.

Collagenix Pros

  • It main ingredients Matrixyl 3000+ is clinically-proven to be effective.
  • It also contains powerful antioxidants that fight off free radicals.
  • It helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It improves skin firmness and elasticity.
  • It stimulates collagen production.
  • It offers sun protection through its broad spectrum SPF15 sunscreen.
  • It promises to produce effects immediately after application.
  • The product can be bought online through various websites.

Collagenix Cons

  • It must be applied on a regular basis for best results.
  • It doesn't seem to have an official website.
  • There is no other information regarding the ingredients used in the product.
  • It is expensive than most anti-wrinkle creams.
  • It is currently available only to residents of Australia and New Zealand.
  • The "risk-free" trial offer requires the customer to pay $69.95 per month plus the $1.99 shipping fee.
  • The delivery of the product takes anywhere from 10 to 15 days.
  • There is no address where you can send the product back if you're not happy with it.
  • Tons of bad reviews can be seen online, accusing the product to be a scam.

Dosage Instructions

Collagenix must be applied in the morning and at night for best results. Like most skin care products, you have to wash and dry your face first prior to application. Gently massage the cream onto the skin of the face and neck and wait until the product is fully absorbed. Use regularly for best results.

Collagenix Side Effects

The manufacturer of Collagenix claim that their product is safe and suitable for everyday use, but customer reviews say otherwise. According to these reviews, the product did nothing to reduce the signs of aging on their face, instead their skin just adversely reacted to it. Risk-free trial is being offered for those who want to try the product first, but it actually isn't free of charge. It costs $69.95 per month plus the shipping fee.

Collagenix Bottom Line

The bottom line, Collagenix is more likely to reduce your money than it is to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore it would be better to just stay away from it and try these more trustworthy skin care products instead

Best Lip Plumper Available For You!

Whenever wishing to acquire the most effective lip plumpers, generally there are specific things that must be in the product which makes it work the best.

The best components are peptides, and that assists in generating new cells and increasing the creation of collagen. Benzyl Nicotinate, cinnamon and pepper extracts components happen to be proven to trigger immediate plumping. Hyaluronic acid, also referred to as simply HA can help produce solid cells after the use. Creams must also be there. The essential ones are Jojoba oil and E vitamin. Best lip plumpers could cause the lips to tingle whenever used. It just implies that the blood circulation continues to be improved.

Generally, there are numerous excellent items available on the market these days. The result of the product displays plumper lips instantly. The tingle is experienced right after use that shows this is a top quality plumper. Plumper lips consist of almost all of the correct components to enhance the collagen and maintain the lips smooth to assist in the plumping procedure. The product just requires a few minutes to work, and it is going to are several hours. Lip plumpers happen to be examined and also has been approved the tests for skin irritation, eye irritation and regulatory/safety testing standard for the United States. Lip plumpers are nevertheless inexpensive with almost all of the success reports which have derived from numerous customers.

Generally, there are some other plumpers available in the markets which are nearly corresponding to the results of sexy lips. A few of these plumpers are Prepout CL, MD Formulations the Temps Plumping, Benefit Lip Plump, Besoplex, Philosophy Big Mouth, Laura Mercier Plumper, Lip Venom, Cushy Lips, Life Extension Ultra, Lip Treat, Lips to Die For, Frreeze 24/7 Plump, Perricone MD Plumper, and LipFusion XL.

The most effective lip plumpers will even decrease the fine lines on and across the lip area. This is vital that you maintain continuously hydrated, guarded against the sun and the cold, and to keep a healthy diet plan. These aspects almost all help with getting and maintaining plumper lips.


Excellent lip plumpers will promote the blood circulation to your lips which make them fuller quickly. Additionally a good plumper ought to be as natural as it is possible (you shouldn't use harmful chemical substances to your lips in case you do not have to). You may also discover lip plumpers in strips and patches implanted with the above components. Apart from the undeniable fact that numerous of these items help your lips appear fuller, they will also consist of moisturizing things that assist in preventing dry skin and wrinkles. It makes utilizing plumpers helpful not just in the fullness of the lips, however great for long lasting dryness and wrinkle safety. With regard to optimum usefulness, it is vital that you use a plumping product a minimum of 2 -3 times on a daily basis. Finally, I have mentioned about the most important and required information. Now you just follow them. Cheers!

Sunscreen Help from Solvaderm

You have heard the phrase ‘wear sunscreen’ countless times. From your parents telling you to apply at the pool or beach to your doctors telling you to protect your skin as you age, it is no surprise that wearing sunscreen every day is essential to healthy skin. The FDA and every skin care professional in the world recommends that you protect your skin from the effects of the sun each and every day, so we have compiled a list of tips that are important when it comes to sun protection1. If you aren’t sure which products to use to protect your face from the sun, be sure to check out Solvaderm’s line of skin care moisturizers that contain SPF for everyday use.

Avoid Sun Exposure during Peak Hours
You should avoid sun exposure during the sun’s peak hours which is 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. when the sun is at its strongest.

Choose Strong Enough Sunscreen 
You want to be sure to choose sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher but also keeps in mind that anything higher than 50 is not actually clinically proven to be any more effective.

Choose both UVA and UVB Protection
It is important to choose a sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays. Both are harmful to your skin and while UVA rays are less intense they can penetrate clouds, so sunscreen even on cloudy days is important. UVB rays can cause reddening and burns and both can lead to skin cancer, so it’s important to choose a well-rounded sunscreen.

Protect Children
Be sure to choose the right sunscreen for your family depending on age. Infants and small children should not be exposed to certain ingredients and require sunscreen that has been specifically developed for babies and young skin.

Wear the Right Gear
Wearing certain items can help protect your skin from the sun. The use of hats, sunglasses and certain clothing can add an extra layer of sun protection.

Properly Apply Sunscreen
Sunscreen is incorrectly applied all the time.  It should be applied at least 15 minutes before exposure to the sun and also should bere-applied at least every two hours or so. If you are swimming or sweating, you should reapply more often as the sunscreen will wear off in water and sweat.

Getting a little bit of sun every once in a while is important as it helps the body produce Vitamin D which is critical to strong bones and can help you feel better overall however too much sun exposure is not a good thing, so you want to make sure to protect yourself by choosing the right sunscreen for your skin. Solvaderm has a complete line of products designed to protect the skin on your face from the harmful effects of the sun. Dermaxsol is a daily moisturizing cream that contains a broad spectrum SFP of 30 to help protect your skin from the sun while also keeping it looking its best. Be sure to visit their site to learn more about sun protection and Solvaderm.


Keep Skin Firm with Solvaderm

You may have heard a saying like this before but preventing is easier than treating. This couldn’t be truer for the prevention of sagging skin. As we all age our skin loses its firmness, but there are things that we can do to prevent saggy skin especially as many times it happens prematurely. It’s not as easy to treat so why not prevent? Solvaderm has a complete line of products that will help your skin remain firm and looking young and fresh.

You need a few basic things as you try and prevent your skin from losing its firmness and supple texture. The first would be in preventing the loss of collagen production. Free radicals and anything that is skin damage like sun exposure can hinder the production of collagen which is essential in keeping everything firm and tight.

What Can You Do?
Do not smoke – smoking destroys collagen and elastin, the two most important factors in firm skin. Not to mention it destroys your overall health.

Antioxidants are everything – antioxidants protect the skin from free radicals in our environment so try and find products that contain antioxidants like vitamins A, C, and E.0020

Wear sunscreen – you have definitely heard this one before and you will a million times over. The sun can be the skin’s worst nightmare and you really should avoid prolonged exposure and wear sunscreen every day.

Moisturize – moisturizers can also protect against the damage of free radicals so choosing the right moisturizer is important. Moist skin is critical as dehydration can lead to the skin suffering from many conditions and not being able to protect itself.

Eating well and getting sleep – these two go hand in hand. Getting enough sleep and eating the right foods is essential to good health so of course it is also essential to healthy skin. Studies are now showing that sugar can lead to premature aging so avoiding excess sugar in your diet could potentially not only help your waist, but also help your skin!

Now that you know what you can do to prevent, you may be asking what you can do to treat. There are many options available to help treat sagging skin that are noninvasive. Choosing products that contain antioxidants is the first step. Antioxidants like vitamins C, E, B5, B3, and A are essential in not only fighting premature skin sagging but in also helping to restore the skin’s firmness. Ferulic acid and hyaluronic acid are also fantastic antioxidants that can help the skin retain its moisture and firmness. Solvaderm’s ACE – Ferfulic is an award winning product that will not only help prevent aging but also help reverse the hands of time1.

Solvaderm has a complete line of prevention products that contain everything you need to keep skin looking and feeling it’s best. Choosing the right daily habits is the first step in preventing your skin from aging. Selecting the right products for your skin care routine comes in at a very close second.


Why You Need to Moisturize with Solvaderm Today?

Do you go without drinking fluids during the day (coffee, beer, water,) NO thought so! Water hydrates your skin as well as Solvaderm.

Moisturizing is not only beneficial today - the benefits are endless and noticeable for years to come when one age. Solvaderm's Dermaxsol comes into play, it comes with SPF-30 which nourishes and hydrates your skin while helping to defend

When one uses Solvaderm Dermaxsol and Suvoderm for only a short term, it helps to hydrate your skin and makes it look not only healthy but also younger. As one drinks, caffeine to perk up your body in the early mornings, your Dermaxsol moisturizer PERKS up your skin, keeping it hydrated all day protecting it from environmental harm, especially the Ultra Violet rays from the sun as it contains a broad spectrum of SPF30. Using your moisturizer helps to lock in water, helps prevent water loss during the heat and the wind to keep it smooth, and prevents it from flaking.

Moisturize with Solvaderm

While your Suvoderm applied at night helps to repair your skin overnight from the harsh effects of the sun and wind caused during the day. With its collagen boosting formulation, it helps with aging problems as it keeps the skin firm while restructuring protein skin needs.

Moisturizing Tomorrow is Beneficial

Not only using your Solvaderm moisturizer for today but for tomorrow as well and in the long haul provides great benefits for your skin. By keeping skin hydrated, it allows the skin to function properly and keeps it working at its peak performance. Moisturizing the skin, helps the skin repairs itself, leaving your face with fresh cells and great as an anti-aging characteristic that is very beneficial in the end. So, make moisturizing part of your daily routine as it helps to prevent wrinkles from forming at a slower rate and just as important for men as well (not only woman.)

Why Solvaderm

Now, you may be wondering why you should choose Solvaderm as your anti-aging solution? Well, there are no magic ingredients, but all their products are:
  • Scientifically advanced;
  • Consist of professional strength;
  • Has dermal hydrated and infused formulas;
  • Is 100% paraben free;
  • Provides deep transdermal penetration; and
  • Is safe for you and the environment made from natural ingredients.

Moisturizing with Solvaderm Makes Your Skin Feel Awesome

If you find that, the above is not enough or compelling enough to make you want to moisturize every day, think about it this way - IT IS TREMENDOUSLY REVITALIZING. While there are some great available options in skin care one cannot go wrong with brightening up your day with Solvaderm to enhance collagen in your skin while brightening and reducing acne, dark spots and the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. Moisturize and provide your skin with lasting hydration leaving it fresh, smooth, and soft.

Wrinkle Cream and Botox: Which One is Best?

What is Botox?

Botox is a drug that is derived from botulin, a bacterial toxin that when used medically, paralyzes the surrounding muscles of the injection. It is used to treat a variety of illnesses, but is commonly known as an effective way to treat wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead.


How Does Botox Eliminate Wrinkles?

Botox eliminates the appearance of wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscles. When injected, it creates a temporary frozen effect and tightens crow's feet, brow lines and deep forehead lines. Botox is only a temporary remedy and in order to maintain a smooth skin appearance, patients must schedule follow up maintenance appointments on a schedule that is suggested by their skin care professionals. Botox is a top choice for many individuals who are looking to slow down the aging process, but it is important to note that this particular treatment comes with a variety of risks, and is not the best choice for everyone. It is advised that anyone considering Botox treatments consult with a skin care professional regarding additional options and potential side effects before making a final decision on treatment.

Side Effects of Botox

Botox is derived from a dangerous toxin called botulin, the same toxin that causes botulism, a serious, and in many cases, a life-threatening illness. While studies have shown that small amounts of Botox injected into the muscles is relatively safe, it simply has not been on the market long enough to study its overall long term effects. Reported side effects include drooping eyelids, dry eye, excessive tear production, and crooked smile, and allergic reactions include breathing difficulty, incontinence, swallowing difficulty and muscle weakness. One of the most unsettling aspects of allergic reaction symptoms caused by Botox is that they often do not show up for weeks following the procedure.

Natural Wrinkle Creams - A Better Option

Wrinkle Cream

Natural wrinkle creams are considered a better alternative to Botox injections due to a variety of factors. First and foremost, natural wrinkle creams are topical, and consist of natural vitamins and nutrients that work to replenish moisture and elasticity through absorption and continual use. Natural wrinkle creams are a better option due to the fact that consist of 100 percent natural ingredients, and they do not cause harsh side effects. Botox injections must be repeated in order for the results to last, and while wrinkle creams must be used on a continual basis as well, each use provides healthy moisture and nutrients to the skin as opposed to harsh and unpredictable toxins. Additionally, wrinkle creams are a cost effective choice as well. A jar of wrinkle cream can range from $5.00-$100.00 in price, while Botox injections can be as expensive as $20.00 per unit, and each session consists of treating at least 20 units at a time.


In today's health conscious world, people are living longer and are looking for ways to look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. While Botox is a top option for many, the unfortunate reality is that it is known to produce a variety of unwanted side effects that include dangerous allergic reactions. Alternatively, wrinkle creams contain natural emollients and nutrients that are extremely beneficial to the skin, as they allow the skin to continuously regenerate itself while providing optimal hydration and vitamin absorption. Before making a final decision on Botox or anti-wrinkle creams, it is always advised that the individual consult with a skin care professional to discuss their options. Skin care consultants are educated and knowledgeable in the area of anti-aging, and can suggest a variety of options when it comes to wrinkle treatments.

Skincare and Tattoos - 3 Weird Things You Really Need To Know!

There are a lot of people who have tattoos. Tattoos are not just for bikers anyone. Anyone from young teenagers to old grandmothers can be found in the tattoo polar getting some new ink work. Tattoo may be cool to look at but they do have an affect on the skin. Tattoo needles are burning this coloring and the design into the skin. There are some important skin care tips that a person needs to know before they get the tattoo and how to take care of both their skin and the tattoo once they get it.

Skincare and Tattoos

Take Care of Redness and Swelling

After a person gets a tattoo their skin is going to be red and swollen around the site of the tattoo. If a person has sensitive skin the redness and swelling can last for several weeks. There are some things that a person can do to reduce the redness and speed up the healing process. A person keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight until it is completely healed. Exposure to the sun can increase inflammation around the tattoo. Depending on what part of the body the tattoo is on it can be covered with protective clothing. If it is the summer a person will have to stay out of the sun and stay in the shade as well. If a person is outdoors a lot they should wait until the weather is cooler so they will not have a problem covering up.

Stay Hydrated

A tattoo is going to be dry and itchy. As it heals the body will produce scabs over the tattoo. When the body is healing the tattoo and the area around it the skin will become very dry and itchy. A person should never scratch the area of the tattoo. This can do a lot of damage. They may end up remove some of the color or the fine detail that has went into the tattoo. What a person can do is to keep the tattoo and the skin around it hydrated. The tattoo artists will often recommend an antibacterial cream that should be applied to the tattoo. This will reduce the chance of an infection and give the healing skin the moisture it is going to need. When a person is finished getting a tattoo the artist will put this cream on and cover it. A person should keep the tattoo covered for the specific amount of time they were instructed to. While the tattoo is healing they should contain to apply the antibacterial cream at least twice a day. When the tattoo is healed a low moisture cream can be applied to keep the skin hydrated.

Keep and Eye out For Infections

Even after the tattoo is healed keep an eye on the skin to make sure infections do not develop. Common infections are redness, puss, and small red bumps on the tattoo. If the tattoos has yellow or red in it pay close attention for these red bumps as they more likely to develop on this area. If a person feels they have an infection or are having pain around the tattoo once it is healed they should contact a doctor. The doctor can give them medicine or creams to treat the infection. They can also rule out more serious health conditions that may be showing up. To avoid the chance of developing an infection even after the tattoo is healed be sure to wear sunblock over it when heading outside. Also avoid tanning beds. They can increase the chance of an infections.

Many people enjoy tattoos and want to get at least one. While this is fine make sure the tattoo shops is reputable. Be sure to ask if they use new needles on every customer and check the place out to see how cleanly. Be sure to get references of now only how their work is but how they operate as far as safety standards. Be sure to follow the skin care directions from the tattoo artist to make sure it heals correctly and with the least amount of skin problems. Following these tips can help reduce the chance of infection and keep the skin and the tattoo looking great over the year.

Caffeine: A Major Ingredient In Skin Creams - Good or Bad?

Many people use skin creams in order to keep their skin hydrated. There are some many different types on skin creams on the market it is hard to decide which ones to buy. Some creams are all natural while some include the latest in skin care research to keep the skin looking hydrated and healthy. Caffeine is a popular ingredient used in many different skin care products. Some experts say that caffeine is a good thing for the skin while others say that it will harm the skin. Skin care experts point out the good and the bad of having caffeine in skin care products.

Caffeine – The Good

Caffeine is used in a number of anti-aging products. In small amounts caffeine is used to help stimulate the nervous system which is why many people feel alert after they have a cut of coffee. Large amounts of caffeine can give a person the jitters. Caffeine is used in skin care products because it makes the small blood vessels contact. It can also reduce inflammation of the skin. Caffeine has been used in many facial care creams. These creams are applied to the eyes to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine also reduce the sagging and fine lines around the eyes by this contraction. Caffeine is used in many anti cellulite creams. Caffeine is able to dehydrate the skin and will remove extra fluids. This will remove the extra fluid from fat cells making the skin appear to be tighter and firmer. When caffeine skin care products have been used in vitro they have found that they are able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and treat the skin from the deeper layers up to the surface.

Caffeine - Not So Good

Caffeine is known to dehydrate the skin. In order for the skin cells to stay young and healthy looking they need moisture and hydration. If the skin is lacking in hydration the cells become brittle. When the cells are brittle that is when problems occur. These problems include wrinkling, and dull skin. Creams that contain caffeine will only cause the skin to dehydrate in small amounts. This dehydration is often used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and conditions such as cellulite due to increased fat cells. These skin cells products are used to reduce wrinkles or to reduce the appearance of cellulite they are effective. A person will notice that they have firmer and tighter skin in no time. The result will not last however. They may last for the day but the effects will fade over a short period of time. When a person is using skin care products that do contain caffeine they have to be very careful when going out into the sun. Exposure to the sun will cause the skin to become dry and brittle. When a person goes outside they will have to apply sunscreen or wear protective covering. Some experts say that caffeine has been linked to the increase of the appearance of acne. Some experts believe this is true while others do not. Some say that it can make the appearance of acne more visible but will not cause it.

The use of caffeine in skin care products has ways that it will help the skin and many benefits. There are also some things about skin care products that contain caffeine that are not so good for the skin or the body. When selecting skin care products it is important to keep its intended use in mind. If a person is looking for a quick way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or cellulite then products that caffeine will help them. Many cellulite products do contain caffeine because it is effective. These products will have to reapply these products often and on a daily basis. If a person is looking for a solution that is fine to their skin care issues then products will caffeine may not work as well. Caffeine skin care products have been shown to be safe. If a person goes out into the sun they should be protected to prevent irritation and damage. Caffeine does help the skin but should be used with caution in mind.

Which One Works Better For Brighter Skin Tone? Extreme Brite or Skinbright

Skin brighteners are now very popular. These products are not just for generally lightening skin tone but also for eliminating skin discolorations due to acne and other skin problems. The problem is that there are many products to choose from making it difficult to find something that it both effective and safe. In this article, let’s take two of the most popular skin lightening products under investigation and try to determine which one is better.
There are basically two types of skin brightening products. The first one bleaches the skin to achieve a lighter skin tone. The second one involves stopping the production of melanin which is responsible for the skin’s colour. The second one is the better option because it is considerably safer. 

Extreme Brite Details

The first product we will scrutinize is XtremeBrite gel which is among the line of skin brighteners from the company XtremeBrite. According to its label, it is suitable for all skin tones. The best feature of this product is its price which is very affordable at $12 per tube. However, it can only be purchased online on the product’s official website.

What Makes It Work?

The details on the ingredients of XtremeBrite gel or how they work cannot be found on their website. The ingredients are licorice extract, salicylic acid, propylene glycol, water, glycyrrhetinic acid, carbomer, arbutus unedo extract, triethonolamine, ailanthus altissima extract, sodium cocoate, fragrance, glycerine, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide and titanium dioxide. 

SkinBright Details

The second product is SkinBright which is distributed by Premium Naturals. It is basically an over-the-counter skin brightener that contains a blend of natural ingredients that safely lightens skin tone and gets rid of skin discolorations. An impressive feature of the product is the 30-day guarantee which allows anyone to get a refund if they’re not satisfied with the product.

What Makes It Work?

SkinBright contains alpha-arbutin which is a potent yet gentle lightening agent derived from Bearberry tree. It inhibits the production of melanin which is responsible for skin colour. Clinical studies indicate that this is a lot safer compared to other melanin inhibitors like hydroquinone. It also contains Kojic acid which is a natural lightening agent that is proven to be effective and safe. It can even be used by people who have sensitive skin.

XtremeBrite VS SkinBright

In this battle between the most popular skin brighteners, SkinBright obviously has the upper hand. This is because their website contains all the important information on the product’s ingredients and how they work. On the other hand, XtremeBrite is a lot cheaper but there is no money back guarantee so it may be ineffective. Looking at the reviews on both products online, SkinBright is definitely the better product. There are also many reviews saying XtremeBrite can cause side effects like skin irritation.


In this battle between popular skin brighteners, SkinBright is the victor because of many reasons. It is an all-natural product so safety is not a problem. Also, it is from a better company that offers a wide range of skincare products. There are also discounts and promotions available on the official website. Moreover, the money back guarantee is testament to the product’s effectiveness.  

Wrinkle Creams Reviews: Can You Trust these Wrinkle Creams?

Beauty is deemed to be a person’s priced commodity. Most often than not, beauty is greatly measured by how a person looks, how she brings herself, as well as how she interacts with people. But through the years, as a person naturally goes through the process of aging, outside beauty diminishes little by little. This is one accepted fact. One major precursor that a person is truly going through the process of physical aging is when she develops wrinkles.


Wrinkles: Apparent Sign of Aging

Wrinkles, more or less associated with fine lines across the eyes and the face, as well as age spots, are greatly feared by most women. When one looks into the mirror, women will mostly dread the time that wrinkles will appear in succession. That is why, technological advancements were created and products on the market that claim to slow down the aging process and appearance of wrinkles have gained so much demand and popularity. Youth has become an addiction that everyone wants to maintain and linger on.

The Breakthrough of Wrinkle Creams

Many wrinkle creams have emerged in the market. Surprisingly, they have become in demand and highly coveted. But the question is, are they really effective? Can one really trust these wrinkle creams to bring the result that you want? With the breakthrough of numerous products advertised today, it can be quite puzzling to decide on which among these creams is the best choice for you, thus, you have to be extremely critical so that you won’t put your money to waste.

Imperative Ingredients

To help you gain knowledge on how to know which wrinkle cream is truly effective, these are a list of essential active agents that they must basically contain:
  • Retinol, an active compound derived from Vitamin A that is widely used as a front line ingredient in anti-wrinkle agents. It is an anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals, slowing down the process of formation of lines and age spots.
  • Hydroxy Acids, a synthetic version of acids extracted from fruits high in sugar. This acid is capable of exfoliation, thus, removes old and dead skin and thereby triggers growth of new, even and smooth skin. When using this, remember to protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays because high exposure can cause irritation.
  • Coenzyme Q10, a rich nutrient that aids in the regulation of energy in skin cells, hence, limiting the production of fine lines.
  • Copper Peptides, a trace element which is found in each cell that is believed to enhance wound healing. It is significant in collagen production that enhances the action of anti-oxidants.
  • Kinetin, a growth factor found in plants that alleviates uneven pigmentations in the skin. It also acts by retaining moisture and is also an anti-oxidant that hastens the production of collagen.
  • Tea Extracts, mainly an anti-oxidant that reduces inflammation process. These extracts are most commonly found in creams that reduce wrinkles.
The effectiveness of wrinkle creams actually depends on its components. So to answer the question regarding their effectiveness, yes they are effective. You just have to make certain which among the list of creams contain these, and rest assured your wrinkles will lessen, might bid you goodbye and will give you the best and desired results.