Rodan + Fields Anti Age Multi Function Eye Cream Reviews

Product Description:

Anti-Age Multi-Function
Rodan and Fields Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream have been proven in clinical studies to decrease crow’s feet, under eye dark sectors, and swelling.

Because the eyes are primarily to display age, Rodan and Fields suggest to use Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream 2 times daily after the age of 20.

Most of the well-known components in Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream are, wheat germ extract, jojoba esters, barley extract, sea whip extract, rosemary extract, as well as various roots, peptides and collagen.
They offer 6 distinct skin care lines which are, reverse line, anti-aging line, soothe line, essentials, as well as improvements. These sets have many parts to it and they are costly but it provides the option to try them all.

Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream is in the Anti-Aging skin care category.

Rodan + Fields Anti-Age Multi-Function Eye Cream , by Rodan + Fields, have been featured in Lucky Magazine in an article about epidermis wonder workers.
They do offer reviews, FAQs, RFConnection to get a custom routine, and a glossary.
There are other Rodan + Fields items available on the anti-aging category.
The founders of this eye cream product are Dermatologists themselves.

The official site gives a little info about the product and it costs $59.00.
They do not explain how this is clinically proven to work.
There are over 75 components on the list, most of that is unrecognizable.
There are no testimonials, before and after pictures or even cruelty free mentioned.

Final Verdict:
Rodan and Fields were made by Stanford trained skin doctors, which is good, but the items do not actually contain lots of tests wrinkle fighters. The Anti-Age Regimen set only includes a toner, wash, as well as sunscreen and costs $160. That seems very costly for a set that doesn’t contain some sort of lifting serum or even cream. We recommend trying to find a sample of these products before spending that kind of money.


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  3. If your dark eye circles are from thin skin I think this works. For those who have dark circles from pigmentation, allergies, or fatigue, I don't think this will work. It has helped with mine and reduced my once very dark circles by 60%. There are enough people on here saying this works for them that it can't be a just depends what type of circles you have.