5 Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Dandruff

The best way to get rid of dandruff

Treating Dandruff is important because it is embarrassing and produces self-esteem issues. Dandruff can be spread if you are making use of common comb, hairbrush, soap and towel. Eliminating dandruff is not as hard as perceived. Dandruff homemade remedies are all-natural as well as extremely effective. They can ensure that you get long lasting results keeping you away from harmful chemical substances and costly hair treatment products.

1. Aloe Vera gel to cure dandruff

Put on aloe-vera paste on the scalp to get rid of dandruff. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Aloe is a purely natural home remedy, which clarifies and repairs damaged skin. It battles dandruff and let you eliminate dandruff flakes so the scalp can heal.

2. Mouth Fresheners to cure dandruff

The content of anti-bacterial mouthwash handy enough to get rid of dandruff and also itchiness on the scalp. Combine mouthwash with water and shampoo. Wash as usual while massaging the scalp with your fingers to improve circulation to the hair cuticle. Regular maintenance will keep away harmful bacteria and dandruff

3. Apply Eggs to get rid of dandruff

Beat two eggs to apply it on scalp and wash it off with in one hour to get dandruff free hair. Eggs assist in the treatment of dandruff and falling hair. Egg acts as a very good conditioner for dry hair giving them glow and shine

4. Fenugreek (Methi) Seeds and Oil to cure dandruff

Soak methi seeds in water for overnight and mash these fenugreek seeds in about half cup of warm coconut or olive oil. Put on all over the scalp. Leave it on for 2 to 3 hours. This home cure will assists to cure dandruff naturally at home.

5. Lemon and Garlic to cure dandruff

Mix 1 tbsp. of lemon juice with 2 tbsp. of garlic. Put on paste to the scalp. Lemon juice will assist you to get rid of flakes. Garlic is a natural antibiotic and is best to kill the germs on the scalp. Leave this anti dandruff treatment on scalp for 20-30 minutes and then shampoo your hair.


  1. These are the best all-natural as well as extremely effective hair loss remedies that can ensure you get long lasting results keeping for your hair. Thanks for the best suggestion.

  2. These are effective natural remedies to get rid of dandruff. Thanks for sharing this great post for dandruff removal.