Home Remedies For Removing Makeup

Baby Oil
Perhaps something you never could have assumed placing near your eyes, baby oil is really a gentle, effective eye make-up remover. It also performs on other areas of the face, but apply it sparingly. The oil isn't usually good for the entire face. When used for the eyes, it's a must.
Less is more when applying it. A couple of days of the oil on a cotton ball or skin cells is perfect. Apply it over the eyes region while your eyes are softly closed. Based on the amount of make-up was used, you may have to repeat the method once or twice.

Raw Milk
Raw milk is yet another home method for removing eye make-up. This kind of milk has not undergone any homogenization or pasteurization processing. Cover up a cotton ball with a liberal amount of raw milk, and softly pat down your eye area with it. Afterward, clean all the milk off.

Baby Shampoo
Apply baby shampoo on a cotton ball or tissue to remove stubborn mascara. The gentle "no tears" product is good for babies, but adults can use it, as well.

Peel a cucumber. Mash it into a paste, including just a little bit of water. The cucumber has their natural moisture. Once you've made the paste, put it on to your skin liberally to smoothly rinse away the make-up. The seeds assist with exfoliation. Cucumbers have long been placed over the eyes of ladies wanting a pick-me-up or even remove bags under the eyes. Using cucumber to clear off make-up leaves the skin sensation really refreshed.

Yogurt notices that yogurt can make a highly effective make-up remover. Ensure you apply the plain, unflavored kind of yogurt. Soak a cotton ball in the yogurt and apply it to swab away blusher, powder and foundation from your face .After that wash with cool water.

Petroleum Jelly
Petroleum jelly may also help to make an effective eye make-up remover, since its oils is usually effective for dissolving beauty products. Add a small amount of petroleum jelly on tissue paper or a cotton ball and softly rub your eye area. The jelly, although extremely hydrating for the skin, may have a very oily and dense sense, thus make sure to rinse it off carefully afterward.

Lemon Juice and Rice Milk
Put 2 parts rice milk to 1 part lemon juice. Blend together. Put on this to the face with a cotton ball or pad to take off make-up efficiently from the face, but the eye are should be avoided. Lemon juice left on face by itself is said to minimize freckles also, but that's an unproven concept. This is not for use on the eyes.

Almond Oil
One convenient home remedy for eye make-up removal involves almond oil. Simply apply a small amount of the oil onto a cotton swab. After that apply the swab to softly remove makeup from your eyes. The almond oil method can be particularly great for mascara removal. Substitute with sesame oil if necessary.


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