Vaseline: Awesome Beauty Uses for Petroleum Jelly

Sometimes brand names are so popular that they become synonymous with the product they represent. Adhesive bandages are simply known as Band-Aids. Antibacterial ointment is often referred to as Neosporin. Petroleum jelly is most commonly referred to as Vaseline.

In reality, vaseline isn’t the only company to produce petroleum jelly, but we’ll just use the name here to make things easier. (“Vaseline” rolls off the tongue so much better than “petroleum jelly.”) Whatever type of petroleum jelly you purchase, there are many different ways you can use it in your beauty regimen, and some of them might surprise you. Here are some great uses for it.

On Your Lips
Vaseline is actually one of the best things you can use as a lip gloss. For one thing, a tub of Vaseline can last an incredibly long time if you’re only applying it to your lips, so it’s significantly more cost effective than buying individual tubes of lip gloss. It actually works better, too. Vaseline will moisturize dry, chapped lips and keep the skin healthy. It also gives your lips a brilliant shine.

On Your Nails
If you like to do your own manicures or pedicures, Vaseline is a great product to have on-hand, because it can serve many different purposes. Massage Vaseline into your cuticles to soften them, which will improve their appearance and make it easier for you to trim them. While painting your nails, Vaseline on your cuticles will also make it very easy for you to remove any polish that gets on your skin. Finally, rubbing Vaseline on your nail polish during the week will give it a shiny luster that will make it look just like new again.
Bonus: Rub Vaseline around the the top of a nail polish bottle to make it much easier to open next time.

On Your Body
Vaseline actually makes a great skin moisturizer, especially for the rough areas of your skin, like your elbows and feet. Massage Vaseline into those spots to get soft, shiny skin. Every night before bed, put Vaseline on your feet, and cover them with socks. Your feet will quickly become noticeably better-feeling and better-looking. After shaving, use Vaseline as a soothing lotion. Also, place in on your pressure points before applying perfume to make your scent last much longer.

On Your Face
Use a very little bit of Vaseline on your eyelids before applying eye shadow, or on your cheeks before applying blush, to give your makeup some extra shine. Vaseline can also help you remove false eyelashes. When put you on your eyebrows, it can help you tame and groom them, as well as make it easier for your to pluck them. When applied to a Q-tip, Vaseline also helps remove makeup, especially stubborn waterproof makeup.

In the Shower
You can use Vaseline in the shower to make your own exfoliating body scrub. Just mix Vaseline with brown sugar or sea salt to your desired consistency, and rub all over your skin to remove dead cells. Your skin will be incredibly soft and smooth afterward.

Cayla Crenshaw is a beauty expert and freelance writer who loves to find alternative items that she can use as beauty products. She often writes and can be found blogging about anything from the newest beauty products to eco friendly beauty.


  1. wow ! i didnt know that vaseline is having that much multiple use..great

  2. Disgusting petroleum jelly, do you know how irritant for the skin for the long term it could be? You need to inform yourself better!