5 Tips For Healthy Glowing Skin

When it comes to skincare, getting the basics right can really help you avoid the natural aging process and avoid skin problems later in life. Here are 5 easy tips to get you started:

1. Keep a close eye on what you eat
Research shows a strong link between a healthy diet and good skin. By eating the foods you are supposed to eat such as fruit, vegetables, proteins & good fats (such as the fats found in nuts & avocados) and avoiding the high salt and fats found in many microwave meals and takeaways this can really help promote good skin and a healthier lifestyle in general.

2. Quit Smoking
Smoking can lead to a tightening of the blood vessels which decreases blood flow, in turn reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients that our skin needs to remain healthy. If you do smoke, quitting is a very key way to improve your skin condition and more importantly your overall health. There is an array of options available to help you quit smoking, so do your research and get the right thing for you. Nicotine patches can give you the hit of nicotine your body requires or there are any number of electronic cigarette retailers such as the vape store that supply cigarettes that emit only water vapour.

3. Get some R&R
We all feel the stresses of daily life, whether it’s the kids, the job or those bills continually dropping through the door. But, in amongst all of this, make sure you make time for yourself to relax and reflect, have a soak in the bath with some relaxing music, add some bath oils and help soak away the daily build-up of stress.

4. Sun Lotion & Sun beds
This really is one of the key ways of looking after your skin. Spending too long in the sun can lead to wrinkles in later life; it can also cause other skin conditions and age spots and can severely increase your risk of skin cancer. Most importantly, avoid the concentrated doses of UV that sunbeds bring.
Make sure you use a good amount of sunscreen with at least a factor 15 protection. It’s easy to forget to re-apply but make sure you keep on top of it by re-applying every 2-4 hours or more if you are in and out of the swimming pool.

5. Be good to your skin
The strains of daily life can take a toll on your skin so make sure that you take precautions to look after it. We all know what it feels like to get out of the shower or bath and feel like we have dry skin so make sure you add the moisture back using a good moisturiser like Nivea or Vaseline. Make sure when you shave you lubricate and protect your skin and avoid strong soaps.

This article was created by Paul Young, an accomplished freelance journalist with published healthcare articles on a number of high tier blogs & websites.


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