Styling Hair Extensions: Products

Hair extensions are a fantastic way to add instant, natural looking volume and length. Whether this is with clip in hair extensions or pre bonded, micro loop and tape in extensions. As with your own natural hair, hair extensions can also be styled too. This article explains which products are recommended to be used when styling hair extensions.

Heat Protector

Providing your hair extensions are 100% human hair, then you will be able to use heat to style them. This can be hair dryers, hair straighteners, curling tongs and wands. However, the first styling product that is absolutely essential is a heat protector spray. Heat protector sprays should be used on your own hair too but is particularly beneficial to hair extensions to make them last longer and stay in a good condition.

Heat from blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons can weaken the hair making the ends become dry, damaged and split. A good heat protector spray will protect the hair from thermal environments and they are very simple to use – spritz onto wet hair before blow drying or onto dry hair when styling with straighteners or curling tools and comb through to ensure the product is spread throughout the hair. Then simply style as normal. The best part about heat protector sprays is that they are not only going to stop your hair from becoming damaged, but they also add shine, de-frizz and help to style your hair.


As hair extensions are no longer attached to the scalp, they also no longer receive the much needed nutrients and oils that your natural hair gets. This means that hair extensions often need a little help with some extra moisture. Hair extension serum that is specially designed for extensions will smooth any split ends and help to maintain moisture, not to mention reviving damaged hair in an instant. 1-2 pumps of hair serum is usually sufficient and can be applied by rubbing into the palm of your hand and applying throughout the extensions concentrating on the ends which tend to become dry.

Repeating this application regularly will also help to maintain the life of your hair extensions.

Gloss Spray

As with natural hair, there is nothing better than glossy, healthy locks and this is exactly what we want for our hair extensions too. A gloss spray can add instant shine and shimmer to extensions to give a luxurious look and feel to finish off any hair style.

Styling & Fixing Spray

Just like styling sprays for natural hair, a styling and fixing spray is a great ‘all rounder’ product to help make your styling process easier, adding volume and also texture as well as helping to keep a style in place. This will usually be used after drying hair prior to styling.

Antistatic Spray

Often people find that hair extensions can become quite static so this is one product that I would definitely recommend for extensions. It is a lightweight leave in spray conditioner that adds moisture to the extensions whilst providing nourishment and shine. It can also help to detangle the hair whilst reducing split ends and making the hair appear smoother for a sleek finish. In most cases, you will apply to towel dried hair and comb gently to remove any tangles before drying and styling.

The products recommend in this article will help style your hair extensions effectively. Some high street products that we use in our own hair however cannot be used on hair extensions as extensions need specific ingredients in the products to help maintain them. I would recommend I&K Hair Extension Care products from as they are specially designed for use on hair extensions and really help to increase the longevity of the hair.

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