Tips for Sensitive Skin Around Eyes

We all generally say it in almost every article with make-up tips that sensitive skin all-around eyes need special care so here are all the following tips collected together. You know that eye skin is different from that of our face, right? It's thinner and it has less fat and no muscles under it. There are merely blood vessels which, by the by, can cause all those dark sectors you're struggling with appear if they are situated too close to the surface. Thus let’s learn to maintain our very sensitive eye skin younger so long as we can.

  • Remove Make-up ‘What happens if you fall asleep with a dirty face? You wake up with a dirty face.’ Just look at this somewhere. But I will say more - you make up with a dirty face as well as the old make-up increases in your epidermis even while you sleep so the epidermis gets duller with time.
  • Go All-natural When You Can It’s really a great practice specially in the summer whenever it’s very hot to wear heavy make-up on your face. It’s just like clothing your face warm when it’s very hot exterior. Give your face a break once in a while from many products use real water spray throughout the day to freshen up. That’s all you actually need.
  • Say ‘yes’ to Sun glasses There are sunny winter days and snow is also reflecting the sunshine therefore it’s very bright and in order to take care of our eyes from the bright sunlight or even snow glow we squint and as a result get ‘crow's feet’ all-around our eyes.
  • That Nice Cool Water To get rid of dark circles under your eyes clean your face with cool not really cold water and also gently tap an eye cream around your eyes to enhance blood circulation.
  • Be Gentle Very sensitive eye epidermis doesn’t tolerate harsh cure thus being gentle with it when you use products, serums or make-up. Don’t scrub, wipe or even rub vigorously. It can harm small blood vessels under your eyes as well as cause dark sectors.
  • Moisturize Very well we could not ignore this one. Make sure that your eye serum has a light texture as heavy creams don’t allow your epidermis to breathe which may cause puffiness.
  • Good Night Sleep Yes, I will not tire to repeat that again and again. Sleep! As well as sleep well. Consult with your health care provider if you have a sleeplessness regarding the ways for you to combat it.
  • Apply Beauty Creams in Advance Do not use night creams right before going to sleep. Use in advance one hour or even hours and a half before going to bed. Or else you may end up having swollen eyes.
Sensitive Eye Skin Care Dos and Don’ts
  • Do choose makeup products for your eye skin care according to your age; 
  • Don’t touch your eyes too often, don’t stretch your skin and clean hands just before touching your eyes.
  • Don’t apply face creams to epidermis around the eyes it can cause irritation, inflammation and swelling;


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