Finding Your Foundation

Often women feel defeated/cheated by big brands in the pursuit of the right foundation? From patchy skin to oily sheen, Cosmetics can get the best of us girls! ;)
It is unfair when some girls at work sport the most immaculate skin surface and some are left struggling with last night’s zit. Well.. There is a little secret, these hotshots were not born with it either. What appears to shine like a porcelain doll is nothing but a blob of high impact foundation painted onto a face.
Yes, Make up has never been easier!

To choose the right foundation everyone needs to start at the right place. The gorgeous high end cosmetic stores have a lot more to offer compared to the corner isle of the usual drug stores. The reason behind belittling grandma’s hang out spot is that those girls who are constantly envied for their good skin and radiance they don’t just walk into a store and buy makeup. No, they have a system, a system so efficient that if followed diligently will only produce 100% results.

The Perfect Formula:
The key to perfect complexion lies in understanding the skin type. It is important to isolate the problem areas and understand the skin’s sensitivity towards various products in the market. So, in case there is a history in skin allergies one should always Google the ingredients of the product before applying it on the skin.

There are mainly two kinds of skin types: 

Dry or Dull skin:

One of the first benefits of having dry skin is that it requires lesser cover up due to its little to no acne history. At the same time lack of sheen and color makes the skin appear dull. :(
Dry skin means dehydrated skin which lacks moisture and radiance. The Vitalumiere and Vitalumiere Aqua by Chanel are two moisture rich , dewy formulas that transform dullness into radiant and smooth skin. It is advisable to use choose a cream based foundation as it easily spreads evenly across the surface of facial skin and leaves no skid marks. The hydrating powders in stick and liquid foundation have been found to set well into the skin and provide better consistency than foundation powders.

Problem free skin:
Remember that girl who swayed through puberty like nothing happened? Her skin type is the winner in the race of foundation seekers. This type of skin doesn’t need much coverage, in fact all it really needs is a tinted moisturizer. In case of oily patches on the face using a powder based mineral foundation on the oily regions after applying the foundation can help achieve a more consistent skin tone.

Foundation application tips:

To test the foundation, it should be applied on the jawline and should be viewed at the doorway of the store to see if it matches the skin color under normal light conditions.
Foundation should not be tested on on your hands/wrists/palms.
Make up doesn't prevent damage that results from exposure to UV light. It is intelligent to use a foundation that has SPF15 or more.
For those who are not a fan of wearing makeup daily and have blemishes or pimples should make use of a concealer to cover up those regions and use a tinted moisturizer on eyes, chin and nose.


Today’s cosmetic technology is seeing new horizons and makeup has the capability to correct any and all flaws on the human body. The high impact foundations with various mineral components are designed to serve different skin types differently. The new range of foundations promise complete coverage without unnatural looking results.
To Sum it all up:
Today it possible to achieve complete coverage with the help of a huge range of cosmetic products specializing in skin tone perfection. Foundations have been put through a series of tests and research to create the perfect product for every skin type.

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