How to Get Rid Off From Tan

A bronze sun-kissed body tone is chic and attractive and is one of the hottest trends of the season. Love your summer tan and want to know the tricks to extend it longer? There are several tricks to obtain a radiant, tanned skin and then preserve it for a long time. There are tanning products, which can be applied evenly on the skin for a long lasting, glowing finish. Find out how to make the desired tan last longer, even after the summer outing is over.

Before going out to get a sun tan, exfoliation is a really good idea to achieve maximum results. Exfoliation scrubs off the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, making it smooth and providing the perfect canvas for a wonderful natural tan. After scrubbing with a mild body scrub, it is important to moisturize the skin to make it extra soft and silky. Along with that, it is important to keep in mind that after getting the desired suntan exfoliating products should be abandoned.
The proper application of the tanning product is essential to achieve a flawless tan. The ideal method of application is to start with small areas then distribute it evenly all over the skin. Another secret of prolonging a gorgeous suntan is hydration. Drinking water keeps the body hydrated from the inside and it's very important to hydrate the tanned skin to prolong its life.

Use body lotions and moisturizers to avoid the flaky skin as the peeling skin would fade the tan very easily. Baby oil and olive oil can be used to keep the tanned skin moisturized and hence prolonging the suntan. To make the tan last longer exaggerated sun exposure should be avoided and overexposure to the sun is also bad for the overall health. Use soothing and refreshing after sun products that hydrate and repair the skin to facilitate a longer lasting tan. It is also advisable to stay away from saunas and steam baths as they can fade the suntan. Moisturizers are perfect solutions for skin treatment.

Always remove unwanted body hair before getting a tan as most of the hair removal methods such as waxing also act as exfoliates. For protecting a tan in the summer vacation, it is important to avoid swimming as the salt water can dry the tanned skin and the chlorinated pool water can damage the tan by stripping the color from much faster.

A sensuous golden skin is considered wonderful and desirable. Women share an urge to achieve a wonderful tanned skin and make it last as long as possible. Everyone loves the honey or the chocolaty skin tone, and can get the desired hue from repeated sun exposure as well. But the only problem is that the gorgeous shade tends to fade away pretty fast. It is easy to acquire a fabulous sun kissed tan but requires a little effort to prolong the tan for all summer long. Thus, moisturizer lotions, moisturizing creams with high SPFs should be used to make the tan last longer.

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