Eyesential reviews - How It Works?

Now it is possible for you to look very vibrant and fresh. You can be one among those women, who are hated by other people because you are combating the signs of aging and also managing to look amazing every time they see you. How this is possible? We will discuss it below.
Eyesential is an eye cream on which a lot of testimonials are done and it was discovered that it is marketed as a cream to minimize the look of wrinkles and fine lines, puffiness around the eyes and dark circles under the eyes. The manufacturer claims that the results obtained using this eye cream can be seen within a few minutes. However, this eye cream is just for short-term outcomes which last up to 10 hrs. The manufacturer also claims that many celebs have used Eyesential eye cream but they do not display any before and after pics.


Aluminium Silicate, Propylparaben, Propylene Glycol, Iron Oxides, Water, Magnesium Sodium Silicate, Methylparaben.

How it Works?
Eyesential Eye Cream creates a very thin and almost an invisible film under the skin fold below the bottom part of your eyelid. If you check it out under the magnify glass you will observe that it seems like a spider web and acts as a holder of your skin under the eye. The product does not penetrate deep into the skin at all, even though some mild feeling is noticed. As it has been used for years in the Hollywood, this product has been dermatologically tested as a safe for all skin types.

· Can be used on a regular basis and can last up to 10 hrs.
· You can get 150 applications in a single container.
· Decreases puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles in seconds.
· Can apply mineral make-up, bronzer and foundation with no oil over the Eyesential.
· Under eye skin will be Smooth, radiant and also fresh.

· Is not a long term therapy to eliminate dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles.
· The skin may feel taught under the eye.
· The complete ingredients list is not provided.
· A white film can be noticeable on the skin if too much of Eyesential is applied.

How to apply?
It's simple to apply. To start with clean the skin around the eye area and also apply a take a small amount of cream in the palm of your hand. Take it to the tip of your middle finger and apply the lotion under your eye area, beginning with the inner eye following outwards in just just one stroke. Let it be dried out and then at the time of drying process there will be a firming sensation that will disappear after a shorter time period.

Wrap Up:
This eye cream may not be the leading choice for best eye creams. It is discovered that this eye cream is not very much useful and expensive also. Just as many compared to other eye cream items then they discovered that Eyesential eye cream is not clinically proven. So in place of spending this much of money on such item that is not even clinically tested may not provide you any outcomes at all.


  1. I have used it and nothing impressive..I could say it does nothing much of reducing eye circle or lifting like what it claims..only good in moisturizing. No worth it. Very pricey for a moisturizing eye cream.

  2. I purchased mine from ebay in the UK for $54 as it is much cheaper there.I didn't tell any one, not a soul that I bought it and I am glad.I put it on before going out tonight and I could not believe the difference it made.I seriously looked 10 years younger and the darkness under the eye went completly away.I did the rounds giving a kiss goodbye to my husband and children.My huband commented that I looked extra nice tonight and the kids agreed.I will not use it all the time,only when I am going out but it was worth every single cent.I am sure I will get addicted to this,but hey !