The Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery

The benefits of breast reduction surgery are numerous. Having oversized breast can cause many difficulties and bodily issues. Large breast can cause poor posture, upper and lower back pain, breathing difficulties, and even skin breakouts. The benefits should seriously be considered when one is contemplating going through with breast reduction surgery. This article will take a closer look at some of the problems that can arise from having large and oversized breast.

Poor Posture and Back Pain

Large breast can cause poor posture, as the weight can weigh down your body to one side or forward. In order to keep balance, many women will lean forward or to one side instead of forcing themselves to remain in an upright position. This stance becomes habit and ultimately results in poor posture. Poor posture then can lead to both upper and lower back pain. Back pain can be a very debilitating issue and should be corrected with the appropriate treatment to alleviate the cause if and when possible.

Breathing and Skin Issues

Breathing problems arise when the weight from large breast places undue extra pressure on the ribs and chest. Again, poor posture caused by large breast is a factor in this case as well. If a woman leans or stoops forward due to the weight of their breasts can cause breathing difficulties to arising because there is extra pressure to the diaphragm. The ending result is a shortness of breath and the need to breathe heavily and fast.

Skin Breakouts can occur due to heavy skin to skin contact. When breast are large and not properly supported they can rest, rub, or sway back and forth across the skin causing irritation. Also the extra heat from underneath the breast and the skin to skin contact can result in heat rash.

Locating a Surgeon

Breast reduction and plastic surgery centers in Houston, Texas plentiful and highly sought after. There are several board certified plastic surgeons are highly skilled and eager to take on new patients. If you are ready to make that first step, you can easily research a center by typing in the keywords breast reduction Houston in your internet search engine. By searching for plastic surgeons in Houston and comparing their certifications, achievements, and awards, you can make a decision on the best plastic surgeon for your needs. Breast reduction testimonies can also help you decide which surgeon to choose. If you are experiencing any of the above issues start your search today, as breast reduction surgery can increase your overall quality of life.

During your consultation at Norris Plastic Surgery, Dr. Norris will evaluate your needs and determine the best way to minimize and eliminate what ails you. Dr. Norris will determine if you are or are not an ideal candidate for surgery during the consultation process.


  1. A benefit of this procedure is that you get rid of the back pains (this was in my case). I underwent a breast reduction procedure in Toronto by a good doctor called Jerome Edelstein, who did a great job and helped me with this annoying problem. I'm satisfied with my results and glad that everything is okay now.