How to Do Your Makeup Like Snooki

Nicole Polizzi, more commonly know as Snooki lit up the screen on MTV’s Jersey Shore. Whether you loved her attitude, the funny things she said or her style, let’s just be honest. You loved her. Snooki always looked fabulous no matter what she wore and her makeup was always perfect as well. If you’ve been planning a night out for a while now and you want to look like Snooki, you may be wondering how you can replicate her makeup look. It’s actually really easy and you probably already have everything you will need. Let’s get started, shall we?

What You Will Need

In order for you to be able to look like Snooki and replicate her makeup, you will need to have a few things on hand. The first thing that you will need is some good foundation. Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Foundation is a great choice that will give you even coverage and give you that airbrushed and poreless look. You will want to use some liquid illuminator, such as Clinique Uplighting to brighten up your cheeks and you will want to have some bronzer as well. You can use any brand of bronzer that you want. Be sure you have some black eye shadow, black eye liner, mascara, fake eye lashes and either light pink or nude lipstick. If you have all of these things, you are ready to start doing your makeup. 

Doing Your Makeup

The first thing you will want to do is to apply the foundation to your face evenly. You can do so either with a sponge or a foundation brush. Once you’re done with applying the foundation, take your liquid illuminator and blend it onto your cheeks with a focus on the apples. You want to brighten the apples up and give them some definition. Let the liquid illuminator set on your face and then apply your bronzer. It is important to be sure the illuminator is dry so it does not cake your bronzer. Next, take your black eye shadow and apply it heavily to your entire eyelid. Wing it out to create a cat eyed look. Apply some mascara to your eyelashes and then apply glue to the fake eyelashes. Wait till it gets tacky and then apply the lashes to your upper eyelids. If any glue seeped out, you can easily cover it with the eyeliner. Finally, put on some lipstick and you will be ready to rock it just like Snooki. 

Snooki’s makeup look is fairly easy to replicate and will be great if you are going for a night out on the town. This look doesn’t require much work and is something anyone can do. Give this look a try and see for yourself how you like it. You’ll be turning heads in the club! Good luck.


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