Faced with the Dreaded Hairy Upper Lip

As I have reached my early forties I have noticed I am beginning to get more stubborn hair. When I was younger I always used to shave my legs, but as time has gone on I have had to shave once a day to keep my legs smooth, and it’s always been a big pain. I have waxed a few times too but I hate having to leave my hair to grow beforehand so I always stuck to shaving If I wasn’t going on holiday. However, recently I began to find more facial hair and I hate it.

Aging is One Thing, Becoming Hairier than My Husband is Another

I like to look as good as possible, and while I embrace my fine lines and will allow myself to age the idea of having a hairy upper lip or cheeks seems horrific to me.  I have been bleaching my upper lip for about a decade but I hate putting chemicals on my skin, so I decided to look for an alternative.  Waxing my upper lip always resulted in a break out of spots for some reason so I turned to laser hair removal instead.

I was a little nervous about going to see a professional about removing my hairs, but the thought of not having to shave, wax or bleach was enough to make me go and talk to someone. It was actually fine and they were obviously not bothered about looking at my slight double chin or cellulite on the back of my legs.  They were very respectful, friendly and even empathised with me.  I know this is a common problem but I found it made me feel less feminine and a bit insecure. Silly really considering it happens to everyone eventually.

After My Lip I went for the Whole Hog

In the end I decided to have my legs, bikini, upper lip and armpits done, focusing on one at a time. I decided to do my lip first as this was more visually noticeable by everyone I saw. It felt a little strange when I was being lasers, but it was really fast.  When I had my legs done it lasted for about an hour and I went for two treatments to get the results I wanted.  It’s strange because the hairs don’t vanish, they fall out over a couple of weeks and you are told to keep shaving in that time. Once they fell out though they didn’t come back and am so glad I decided to have it done.  Gone are the days when I worried about having a harrier lip than my husband!


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