How to get rid of puffy eyes

Cucumber Slices Method: Place cucumber slices in a plastic bag and freeze them.
Take out the cucumbers from the freezer when frozen and lay down, keeping your head propped up on a pillow
Place the cucumbers over your eyes for at least 10 mins.

• Eye Patch Method:
Use eye patches, sometimes known as eye sheets or treatment masks for the eye. These are infused with retinol, ginseng, as well as other components which help reduce puffiness and dark circles.
This patch can be placed right underneath the eye as close as possible to get it.
The small part of the patch goes into the tear duct of the eye. The components on the patch are basically right on the skin, are sinking in and assisting to "de-puff" and reduce swelling in that area.
The ginseng has an instant tightening effect to the skin and the retinol assists in reducing fine lines.
The concentrated components remain on the skin as soon as the patch is removed, so just pat the skin to leave the components on.

• Spoon method: Put very chilled water in a cup.
Get a teaspoon or tablespoon and put it in the cup.
Leave the spoon in the cup of cold water for about 3 mins or so.
Put the back of the spoon on your eye. (This step MUST be done gently because your eyes are very delicate.)
Then, repeat it to the other eye.
You will feel very rejuvenated and you'll notice an improvement.

• Cold Water Splash Method: Splash cold water on your face when you get up in the morning. This dilates the vessels of the skin and quickly shrinks the skin pores so that the puffiness is reduced right away.

• Eye Cream Method: Use an eye cream which has rosemary or mint herbal base to it since which helps reduces puffiness. Add a small amount to each eye.

• Massage Method: Do a mini-massage, sweeping inward through the ocular bone. It's soothing and it assists in reducing that puffiness also. The skin is very delicate in this area so use your middle finger as it has the least amount of pressure.
Sweep inward around the ocular bone and in. This is going to create circulation and movement in that area.
Do this for 3 to 5 mins in the morning. This method is excellent if you have puffiness due to allergic reactions, insomnia, or just that general feeling of puffiness under the eyes.
You will visibly notice an improvement in this area afterward. The skin will appear more taut and it leaves the skin very dewy and moisturized.


· Splash lots of cold water on your face when you wake up in the morning.

· Perform a mini-massage around your eyes using your middle finger.

· Use eye cream with a rosemary or mint herbal base.

· Get extra sleep.

· Prop your head on a pillow and place the frozen cucumbers over your eyes for about 10 mins.

· Take 2 slices of cucumber, put them in a zip lock bag, and freeze them.

· Place the eye patch as close to the eye as you can and leave on for 15 minutes.

· Use eye patches, eye sheets, or treatment masks for the eye.

· Sweep your fingers inward around the eye bone for about 3-5 minutes.