Common Seasonal Allergies that Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Under eye skin area is extremely sensitive and will get infected quickly because of insufficient sleep, growing older as well as water retention. The most typical problems are dark circles, eye bags along with lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Some individuals generally inherit this from their family members. In certain men and women it's not so severe and can be eliminated by using a few organic remedies. Everyone is also not aware which seasonal allergy symptoms do hold an adverse role in causing dark circles. They make the eyes swollen as well as watery and frequently result in dark circles.

Following are a few allergic reasons for dark circles surrounding the eyes:

1. Periodic

Periodic allergic reactions for example food allergies, hay fever, cosmetic allergies and things that trigger allergies from the work environment or even your home, trigger dark circles. Allergic reactions lead to irritation which swells the tiny blood vessels below eyes. Consequently these types of inflamed blood vessels rub against the very thin skin area of the eyes and dark shade shows up. Clogged sinus passages also trigger dark circles. The blood vessels of the eyes towards the nasal area turn out to be dark and dilated. Flowers from certain trees create allergic reactions, especially in winter weather. Whenever you walk out in the garden, pollen from the flowers of trees as well as plants flies in the air and trigger allergic reactions caused by that you simply get dark circles.

2. Environmental

Environmental allergic reactions are among the primary reasons for dark circles surrounding the eyes. The allergic causes nasal blockage which enhances the blood circulation to the nasal area. As the skin area beneath the eyes is fragile, it creates a purple shade. Additionally, it enlarges the blood vessels all-around your eyes and produces a dark shade. Persons getting allergic reactions using the mold, dust, pet pollen coming from dogs and cats do not sleep appropriately and have problems with adrenal exhaustion. Due to all these factors they end up getting dark circles under eyes.

3. Food

There are particular food items that may trigger allergic reactions and makes a contribution to dark circles. These types of allergic reaction differ from person to person. Many of the most allergenic foodstuffs consist of yeast, peas, chocolate, citrus fruits, mustard, sugar, peanuts, shellfish, egg whites, soy and wheat or grain. You need to choose foods which are much less allergenic for example grapes, lettuce, apples, rice, honey and broccoli. These types of sensitive foods lead to inflammation along with dark circles. Salt content and potassium rich foods even lead to dark circles. As sodium contains salt, that contributes to water retention in your body, as well as your eyes. By eating simply reasonable amounts of salt you possibly can reduce swelling of your eyes.

It is possible to reduce dark circles through attempting following useful home remedies:

1. Cold compress: 
Cool water compresses will help decrease dark circles. Use a cold compress on both the eyes. It will help to lessen swelling. Put them for 10-15 minutes and sit down comfortably to relax. You will see that the dark circles are becoming lighter.

2. Cucumber slices: 
Cucumbers are very well famous for its medicinal qualities of natural skin care. The pulp is undoubtedly an anti - edematous remedy which decreases inflammation of the skin and helps in restoring the skin texture. Place cold slices of cucumbers on the eyes and let it be for quite a while. After that wash the eyes using cold water. It is really an effortless solution to minimize dark circles.

3. Allergy medication: 
Deal with hay fever which is accountable for dark circles. You can find allergy medications which are not sedating and it aids. Seasonal allergic reaction issues can be efficiently handled if you take over-the-counter medications. People who have allergic reactions will also be a lacking in folic acid, B6, folic acid and B12. A multivitamin pill can also help in these cases. You can even make use of a retinoic acid that is a vitamin A cream which is recognized by the common name tretinoin. Apply it every day around your dark circles.


  1. I've suffered from both allergies and asthma for a while now, in fact I have had to see an asthma specialist on several occasions. I really appreciate these tips for keeping beautiful during outbreaks!