Elite Serum Eye Cream Reviews – Does It Work?

Elite Serum Eye Cream
Elite Serum is a clinically made formula which is consists of a mixture of unique and potent peptides. The advanced formula is intended to reduce the look of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness under and around the eyes. The development of Elite Serum combines years of dedicatedscientific study and development by a high class team, including cosmetic pharmacists and study chemists. Never before has this kind of a single-purpose cosmeceutical been so potent that the most respected cosmetic surgery medical journal in the world, Plastic Surgery Practice, praised its efficacy in an unsolicited editorial. For the very first time ever, normal skincare customers can experience and enjoy for themselves the advantages of an eye serum that actually works in areas where Botulinum Toxin injections can not reach . Satisfaction is assured.

Ingredients Includes:
•Gamin butyric Acid
Elite Serum Eye Cream
• Steareth 20
• Glycerin
• Deionized Water
• Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

• It has a gel like consistency
• Great as a moisturizer
• Can be purchased online
• Contains Peptides

• May cause irritation around the eyes
• No Returns
• No clinical studies on the product itself

Joy Collas "Mommyof2inPA":
This item did not do what it promised to do. actually... It did nothing.
The company will not accept returns on an opened item. How am I to know this product is bogus without actually opening it & trying it? Don't buy it because you can not return it.

Elite eye serum claims to eliminate wrinkles, puffiness and dark shadows around the eye area. I have found the product firms the area but the reason I purchased this 'super' eye serum was to reduce the darkness under my eyes and I am afraid to say it has not made any difference. Won't be purchasing at that price again!


  1. Thanks for taking the time to provide the review. I have dark circles. I have used all the different products and even been to my dermatologist and I have seen only things worsen. I understand that dark circles are difficult to treat and I am not looking for a miracle but a product that can reduce them over time. What is the best eye cream for dark circles? Help!

  2. Hi Noe!
    I can understand your problem but believe me, dark circles are not that difficult to treat. I have tried eyelastin and its fantastic! I am happy to see me in mirror. Otherwise it was the horrible feeling due to my dark circle problem. Past has gone. Now I feel like I am 21 again (blushing!). It has reduced my wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes without any unwanted side effects. It contain all natural ingredients that helped me to enhance my looks. Thank you eyelastin for giving me my younger look back.