Does Elite Eye Serum Cream Really Work?

The Facts About This Product

Testimonials conducted by our research team on Elite Eye Serum have found that its manufacturer markets it as under-eye treatment which will minimize the appear of fine lines/wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. In addition, although the treatment’s maker as wellstates that the product’s components possess clinical tests, it does not possess any specific goal results of the tests on the product’s components when blended together. Users who have sensitive skin may find that this product is not suitable. At a sales cost of up to $100 (and no policy about returns on purchased treatments which have been opened up), Elite Eye Serum could be a pricey purchase.

Ingredients Includes:

• Deionized Water
• G-Aminobutyric Acid
• Glycerin
• Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

How does Elite Serum work?
Whenever you visit the web site, you observe too much information on various components and all kinds of graphs and nitty gritty details on what is inside the airless syringe. (Don’t let the word syringe scare you, this is NOT an injection – it’s just a very fancy package which makes the product simple to operate and reduces any concern of wasting the product.)
I know skin-care components dating back to the late 80′s, when I actually began doing research. Which was before the Net provided us a lot of outlets to find testimonials and components. Back then it appeared every product was designed with Aloe-vera or even Shea Butter. The landscape has changed, but I’ve stayed up on the trends and all the rage lately has been in the cosmeceutical peptides like the ones present in this under eye serum.

fantastic as a moisturizer
• It has a gel like consistency
• Can be bought online
• Contains Peptides

• No Returns
• May cause irritation around the eyes
• No clinical studies on the product itself

Our study staff shown that some users of Elite Eye Serum reported that they saw little if any improvement when it arrived in dark circles. Many testimonials by consumers declared that the serum absorbed into the skin immediately and appeared to moisture well, but they stated they saw no improvement in their dark circles. This product may not be a complete under eye cream. In addition, our research team has made a decision that the serum has had no clinical tests performed on the cream itself. We don’t consider Elite Eye Serum to be a top under-eye product; we’ve discovered that other creams which have been clinically tested are cheaper and reveal good results in about a month.


  1. I've been using Elite Eye Serum for 10 months and have not seen a difference. The reason I continue with this product, is that I bought a large quantity of it. This stuff is pricy and DOES NOT WORK.